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English press

“Naomi is an artist who draws my attention and whom I admire. Her work is precise, intelligent and she is endowed with a remarkable theatrical presence (…) Naomi is an artist of immense capacity.”
Robert Lepage(translation)

“In Search of Çaturn”
“A dance show that pushes the limits between genres. A revolutionary creation that uses live dance and cinema to paint the narrative canvas of an intergenerational story.”

“Collaborations with Robert Lepage, artistic consultant, as well as Richard Reed Parry and Matthew Banks, (Arcade Fire anyone?) … An audacious work that transports us directly into the universe of Naomi Stikeman, a place where dance and cinema fuse together to deliver us a brave tale in which each succeeding generation contributes in their own way to a collective memory.”

“Çaturn puts all the cards on the table: it is a question of energy and synergy. Nothing is destroyed, nothing is created, everything transforms. Human lives overlap and the end of a cycle is simply the beginning of a new one.”

“Hats off to the dancers who deliver us impeccable choreography that is resolutely modern. By way of its cinematic approach Çaturn will appeal as much to an amateur dance audience or spectators who have never dared to discover this art form. Behind which is hidden a surprising beauty.”
(Le Polyscope) Volume 42, Number 9 – 7 November 2008

“A New Galaxy“
“Stikeman’s Çaturn cleverly merges the film sequences with the dance tableaux creating a philosophical fresco revolving around the life cycle. With a resolutely feminine voice she is equally at ease exploring the end of existence as its origins, taking us back to the time of the dinosaurs.”

“Naomi Stikeman brilliantly uses the devices of cinema. As a result there are moments that take your breath away, like the scene depicting a game of musical chairs between three old women dressed in “pink Kennedy” outfits, a metaphor for the work o f the grim reaper.”

“Stikeman who danced in the film “Amelia” by Edouard Lock and who has worked with such prestigious ballet companies is a quasi-supernatural beauty.”
(Le Devoir) November 6, 2008

“The Cycle of Life”
“One can never thank Danse-Cité enough for helping to produce the young Naomi Stikeman(…) From the dinosaurs to us, it is the order of things, the cycle of life, the movement of the planets, the transfer of a vital energy in which the performance itself is an incredible incarnation.”

“Çaturn is a true pleasure, a union between dance and cinema that offers reflection and emotion, tenderness and intelligence. One has to remark that Stikeman has united an extraordinary team of creators. Amongst them the dancer and choreographer Peter Chu, the choreographer Crystal Pite, the co-director and composer Matthew Banks and composer Alexander MacSween.”

“On stage the dance sequences are a superb echo of the film sequences. The most remarkable thing is that the dance, endowed with a narrative quality, doesn’t lose one ounce of its evocative force, not one gram of its fundamental abstraction. Encore!”
(Le Voir) November 13, 2008

“It Turns”
“A production by the dancer and director Naomi Stikeman, influenced by fellow artists Robert Lepage, Edouard Lock, Bell Orchestre and Crystal Pite, gives us a show that is diverse and explosive.”

“The effects of the film segments are ingenious and the treatment of the images remarkable.”

“The dinosaurs, creatures dead and forgotten. Eggs and ovules, representing birth. The rings of Saturn symbolizing the cycle of life. All poised upon intergenerational links and inherent memory… Çaturn is a win win.”
(Le Délit) November 11, 2008

“A New Whorled Order”
“Naomi Stikeman dares to dream planet-sized big in her collaborative new project Çaturn.”

“Swept up in the thematic cycle of life, Çaturn, is a visually daring, often witty, hybrid project combining video, dialogue, storyline, dance, music and costumes, with an impressive and large group of collaborators(…)the results are visionary, flamboyant and emotional.”

“Stikeman, wigged out and wild!”
(Hour) November 13, 2008

“In Orbit”
“As if the creative team wasn’t impressive enough we add to the list the very subtle Lucie Bazzo on lights, composers Matthew Banks and Richard Reed Parry and Alexander MacSween on sound design.”
(Voir) Ocotober 30, 2008

“Under the Sign of the Wig”
“Reading the list of collaborators for Çaturn one is not disappointed. Peter Chu and Crystal Pite for choreography, Matthew Banks, Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire) and Alexander MacSween on music and Robert Lepage as artistic consultant. All that talent gathered around the eclectic, unusual, creator and unifier, Naomi Stikeman; the writer and director of the show as well as performer with dancer Peter Chu.”

“In 2002 (… Naomi) receives a Gemini Award for Best Performance in a Performing Arts Program or Series. This pedigree journey has led Naomi to concoct an innovative and audacious project with an impeccable structure.”
(La Presse) Novemeber 1, 2008

“Thus is born Çaturn, a hybrid production in which dance and film are juxtaposed to create a universe where women navigate between their memories and reality.”

“Contrasting between reality and dream states, the past and the present, Çaturn explores the journey of memory in an unexpected proposition where dance has come to imprint a watermark upon a story told through film.”
(Le Devoir) November 1, 2008

“A Story of Hair”
“Çaturn, an ambitious production with a colourful esthetique that navigates between dance and film. A show that treats and baffles, always with sensitivity, the themes of aging and connectivity.”

“Çaturn, a show that is at once serious, tender, emotional and funny.”
(La Presse) November 10, 2008

French press

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