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About us

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Naomi Stikeman has earned international acclaim while performing with The National Ballet of Canada, Béjart Ballet Lausanne, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, The Copenhagen International Ballet, La La La Human Steps and Celine Dion’s A New Day.   Naomi performed Salt with La La La Human Steps, a show that earned a Governor Generals Performing Arts Award in 2001.   Her expertise was acknowledged by the Canadian Academy of Film and Television with a Gemini Award in 2002 for Best Performance in a Performing Arts Program or Series, and a Gemini Nomination for that same category in 2004.   In 2005 Naomi produced, choreographed, and danced in her own directorial film début, Coldspot.   In 2007 Coldspot was honored at the Choreography Media Honors in Los Angeles.   Her short film Pink Navigator aired on Bravo, has been selected at numerous film festivals, and is currentlybeing projected at the new state of the art St. John’s Medical Center in Santa Monica, CA. Naomi and her husband, Matthew Banks, produced and co-directed the stage production Çaturn in 2008.   A hybrid of film and dance, Çaturn has been presented to sold-out audiences in 2009 and 2010.   “From the dinosaurs to us, it is the order of things, the cycle of life, the movement of the planets, the transfer of a vital energy in which the performance itself is an incredible incarnation.”  (Le Voir, Montréal)

Matthew Banks

Canadian born Matthew Banks graduated from New York City’s American Music and Dramatic Academy.   Matthew became a Blueman for Blue Man Group in 1999 later becoming Resident Director of the permanent show in Las Vegas.   He was an original cast member and creative contributor when the company opened Blue Man Group Live at The Luxor, Blue Man Group Live at The Venetian, The Complex Tour, and How To Be A Mega-Star World Tour.   Matthew is a singer/songwriter and composer who received credit on Blue Man Group’s Double Platinum Concert DVD, The Complex Tour for ‘Exhibit 13’.
In 2007 he and his wife, Naomi Stikeman, established One Yellow Fish Inc.   Matthew co-directed and underscored their recent stage production Çaturn, a hybrid of film and dance.   Çaturn has been heralded as:  ”A revolutionary creation that pushes the limits between genres and uses live dance and cinema to paint the narrative of an intergenerational story” (Le Polyscope).   While living in Los Angeles in 2009 and 2010, Matthew underscored film and commercial productions, taught singing at Academia Avance Charter School, became a certified Yoga instructor, and won the first Hollywood Idol singing competition. Matthew is currently a Blue Man with Blue Man Group.

OYF thanks the following contributors for their generous support.

The Canada Dance Festival

The Canada Council for the Arts
Edmond et Maureen Eberts
Jake et Fiona Eberts

Fondation RBC
Lindsay F. Eberts et Patti Paxton Eberts
Ed et Donna Ogonek
Tony et Beth Stikeman

Avenue Investment Management
Banque Nationale du Canada
Mario Charpentier
Cirque du Soleil
Stuart H. Cobbett et Jill Cobbett
Jean-Pierre Desrosiers
Mark et Estée Feldman, Alix et Nick Hoy
Rachael et Nicholas Gray

Sara et Ed Colby
Ann et Bruce Garland
Pierre Hébert
Bruce et Susan Light
Joan et Peter McKinnon
Jane Panet
Mary et Guy Pratte
Marion Robertson
James A. Woods

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