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Pink Navigator 2009 (6min)

Pink Navigator 2009

Pink Navigator 2009

Pink Navigator was produced through a generous grant from Bravo!FACT.

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Saturn 2008 (4min)

thumbs_giovanniSaturn 2008

The surreal reigns as a planet, an apple and Don Giovanni collide.

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Salon 2008 (4min)

salonSalon 2008

A moment of trust is patiently earned in a single gesture.

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Monologue 2008 (4min)

thumbs_monologueMonologue 2008

An elderly woman imagines that she is speaking with her granddaughter and discloses an idea close to her heart.

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Musical Chairs 2008 (5min)

thumbs_chaisesMusical Chairs 2008

The life cycle is portrayed through the innocent game of Musical Chairs.

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Dolls vs Humans 2008 (8min)

thumbs_dollDolls vs Humans 2008

Dolls vs Humans slices through a residence for the elderly weighing the fundamentals of change and the possibility of an inherent memory linking humanity and time.

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Adam and Leave 2006 (teaser 3min)

thumbs_adamAdam and Leave 2006

Upon the arrival of Adam and Eve a bar is transformed into a hedonistic playground where Eve discovers what she wants in a man.

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Coldspot 2005 (5min)

thumbs_coldspotColdspot 2005

The sublime meets the mundane as one woman rebels against the tedium of daily routine.

Coldspot was produced through a generous grant from Bravo!FACT

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